• Phil Hancock

So, is it a good time to move home?

There are perhaps plenty of reasons to batten down the hatches and emerge in a few months’ time, with many perfectly reasonable justifications for doing so.

However, are more savvy sellers beating you to it?

Some interesting statistics released by Rightmove suggest visits to their site are up 45% versus this time last year and new seller numbers are down 21%. This imbalance of supply and demand is pushing prices with instances of interest over the asking price being achieved.

Even with the lure of stamp duty relief behind us, it would appear there are many serious buyers out there desperately looking for their first, or next home. With the average London house price exceeding a record breaking £500,000, a steady stream of buyers seeking good commuter towns, remains strong.

Remaining vigilant, it is worth touching on the Covid-19 guidelines and the fact that the government have deemed it appropriate to trust the property sector to adjust and confidently trade in a safe and responsible manner.

Without taking this trust for granted, I have continued to do everything I can to maximise the safety of sellers and buyers. Whilst continuing to trade, we do not overlook our responsibility to do so in a conscientious manner.

If you would like to arrange a property valuation in Biggleswade or the surrounding towns and villages, please get in touch with us.

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