• Phil Hancock

Simple tips on how to prepare your home for marketing.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

The first well known but too often overlooked factor is 'kerb appeal'. In a 2019 survey more than 68% of homeowners stated kerb appeal was important in their choice of home.

Clear the path of weeds, repaint the front door if necessary, consider hanging baskets or pots to create a colourful, welcoming arrival. Ensure any tatty gates are fixed and the entrance door is not sticky, squeaky and the locks are not stiff. The Estate Agent battling to get in the front door is not quite the right first impression!

Through many years of marketing homes, the most common areas that tend to need cleaning, servicing or fixing are fencing, blown windows, (where the double glazed seal is failing) replacing bath, shower and sink sealant, limescale on glass shower screens, unsightly ovens and hobs and dirty windows. There are of course many areas that could need attention but these have been amongst the most frequently advised.

There is the obvious de-clutter, keep everything as tidy as possible, maintain the front and rear gardens, ensure any communal areas are kept welcoming, through different seasons try and keep a comfortable temperature for viewings and make sure there are no unpleasant odours.

I often advise potential sellers to try and review their own home with 'buyers eyes'. If something catches your attention for the wrong reason, consider sorting the problem. Why give someone a reason to lower their offer when you could fix the issue before they arrive.


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