• Phil Hancock

Are Estate Agents really all the same?

The last people who want to hear this, are professional, proactive Estate Agents who can confidently refute such a notion.

Whilst every Estate Agent is likely to recoil at such a question, not all have any right to do so!

Most will claim to do something another one does not, but in this modern digital environment, you could look for subtle differences that demonstrate far richer significance.

Whilst perhaps generalising slightly, all are on Rightmove, most are on Zoopla, they will pop a board outside your property, take some photographs and probably produce a floorplan too.

This factual checklist is simply enough for some agents, whilst for others, it is a constant analysis of the promotion until the property is sold for the best price achievable.

Refreshing photographs, seasonal updates (if it has been on for longer than anticipated), enhanced website promotion, elevated photography, immersive 360 virtual tours, different wording highlighting attractive features, all help to create a continued, positive, fresh strategy.

Have you employed an agent who believes in ‘the numbers game’… “let’s get as many people through the door as we can, and someone will eventually want it…? won’t they?”

Next time you are choosing an agent to work with, look a little deeper. Are their claims fabricated…don’t simply take their word? Challenge what seems too good to be true, because you might just get to see what an unscrupulous Estate Agent looks like when they unravel!

Study the marketing details for other properties promoted by that agent, read through online reviews and ask for recommendations in local forums.

How many times have I heard disappointed vendors say, “they told me this price, they advised me they had buyers waiting, they told me they get people from London”.

The differences between an exceptional agent and a poor one can seem small, but they could have a big impact on the sale of your home.

You will know when you have employed a highly skilled agent, or you will discover when you’ve engaged with one who has just told you they are!

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